About us

Klovshoppen is owned by Knud Iversen. He was certified hooftrimmer in 1982, and has worked as a hooftrimmer ever since. Klovshoppen has no emplyes and is run by the family. 

Knud Iversen was examined again in 2011 og stays updated throgh courses and seminars in Denmark and several other countries. 

Klovshoppen  began in 2014, and the first thing in the shop was Mini Moo Glue. With the success of Mine Moo Glue as base we have since then built out Klovshoppen with other special products. 

Knud Iversen finds suitable products all over the world and imports and tests them himself and with other profesiional hooftrimmers and farmers. 

Klovshoppen takes the customers serious and offer collegues advice and help on the phone.

Products that work

Competetive prices

Credability and satisfied customers.