Klovbussen- Klovshoppens exhibition on wheels, we come to you

In these COVID times, when Agromek is postponed, the exhibition can come to you Call and book a visit from Klovbussen We come to you with our exhibition on wheels The bus has a selection of all our products Complete hoof care program From beginner to professional We bring a chute if you like See and try our items so you know what you are ordering Why spend hours looking online, when it is possible to see and touch things Let's have a chat and put together the toolbox that covers your needs

The correct hoof knife

Try them and find the one that suits you Try our hoof knives so you can feel how they fit in your hand. We have more than 30 different ones, so you can find exactly the knife that suits you best. There is a huge difference in which knives suit different people. You can also try our pliers, hoof pliers and grinder. We have 15 different grinders so there is something for both the professional and a beginner.


Wraps in different sizes and salicylic acid of our own import. We also have Repiderma and Blue Spray.

Moo Glue

The world's best hoof glue Moo Glue, the best hoof glue on the market. Moo Glue hardens quickly and is extremely durable. This makes Moo Glue the glue that provides the most value for money. We use it ourselves after testing many other adhesives, and also get good feedback from other hoof trimmers. Moo Glue is just the best. Moo Glue hardens quickly, which is why it works fast when working with it. Therefore, we also have another glue in really good quality, which gives longer working time to the less experienced.

Different blocks to fit each cow We have 20 different blocks, so we have something to suit every cow. Cows' hooves are different, just as the floor in the different stables varies. Therefore, cows should also not only be offered 1 model of blocks. Our own size of 120 mm is better suited to the Danish dairy cows. They are made of beech wood of the best quality, which provides good durability. A good block can only do good as long as it stays on the hoof. So we have opted out of discount wooden blocks that are worn out too fast. We also have several types of shoes that only we offer. Among other things, own model in soft plastic shoes that are shaped for the hoof and not for the mold.

A hoof bath remedy that works Hoof bath remedies are a difficult area as many things have an impact. Many hoof bath remedies have fluctuating results. But here is a remedy that works if used properly. Our customers experience that the cows become visibly more mobile and almost lame free. We also see for ourselves the good effect of Healmax as a hoof trimmer. To have the good effect, it is important to have regular routines. In order to give hoof health a high priority, it helps that visible results are achieved, and this is what Healmax produces.

Chute for hooftrimming

We believe in our quality products. Therefore we willingly let our customers try out our chutes. We find that better then spending all on advertising.